From Honeymoon to Heartbreak

One moment we're honeymooning and the next my husband is plucked from my arms and swept away into the back rooms of the airport.⠀

What I thought would be a few routine questions from security turned into 6 hours of waiting and praying I’d get to see my husband again. Every time the security doors opened, my eyes widened as I quietly whispered, "please be Brad, please be Brad..." only to be disappointed by an unfamiliar face freely leaving the secured area. Although the security officers were kind, their words still felt like daggers to my heart as they started with, “I’ve got some bad news…" followed by, “Your husband is going back to South Africa” and finished with a whole lot of details I’m sure I should remember but can’t seem to recollect.⠀

Unfortunately, I never did get to see Brad before he was put on a plane back to South Africa. And as of today, our reality is living in separate countries until I’m able to successfully petition for Brad to return to America with his new visa status as my spouse. Our life together feels very much like a giant question mark. There's a whole lot that we don't know. And none of this is going according to our plans. But thankfully God is not surprised by the details of our reality and His plan is perfectly in place over us. ⠀

In the meantime, Brad and I would love your prayers as we work through this. And we also welcome any advice, wisdom, or experience from anyone who has dealt with immigration issues before. Thank you to all of you who have already reached out and been praying. We treasure each and every one of you.